Trend Micro Mobile Security

Trend Micro Mobile Security is a part of the list of the top anti-virus App for the Android phones. You can download it for free on the Google Play store and register for a 30-days free trial for using the pro features available with it. It has about 5 million users who have benefited from it and have shared a 4.5-star feedback on Google Play. It has many awesome features for you to stick with just this App for all your security and protection. Moreover, the AV-test has shown that the Trend Micro Mobile Security App has a 100% protection and detection of the latest real-time malware.

After the free trial period, you would have it to only wipe your history, clear your memory, optimize your battery, restore backups and obviously perform backups for this. It would also scan for the malware, which would be the only thing that you would be able to do that easily. You would not be able to block any malware before it gets installed on the device, use all the: power-saving features, Anti-theft features, call and text blocking, parental controls, safe browsing, and the app privacy scanner. To get the pro features, you would have to choose the plans that range from $44.95 to $89.95.

Trend Micro Mobile Security Pro Features:

  • Get a privacy scanner, Network protection, and the Messenger Protection with this App.
  • Block the unknown numbers or any other specific ones that you do not want to connect with.
  • Filter all the unwanted content of the messages and the emails though this App.
  • Use the features of this App on the device to observe or control your children’s activity.
  • Get protection against phishing and the malicious websites with the Trend Micro Mobile Security App.
  • Lock, Locate or Wipe your device when it has been stolen or lost.
  • Take backups and restore them easily with the standard pack as well.
  • Wipe the history and clear the memory of your device.
  • Optimize the battery of your device and maintain the least power usage with this App.

Trend Micro Mobile Security Pros:

  • The Trend Micro Mobile Security App has excellent scores that were developed from the independent labs.
  • It has got great tools like the call blocking, backup and restore features and the anti-theft tools.
  • It fast scans everything, including the pre-scans of the Google Play Apps before installation.
  • The App provides the SIM card protection and Parental controls.
  • Get the Facebook Privacy Scan and a fresh design with this App.
  • Helps to keep the battery life longer and boost the device performance as well.

Trend Micro Mobile Security Cons:

  • It is an Expensive stand-alone purchase.
  • The App does not complete the backup properly, has weak parental controls and a slow scanning over the cellular.
  • The SMS-blocking does not work properly with the Trend Micro Mobile Security App.


How to install?

Visit the Google Play Store or the play store of the device you have and search for the App by typing in “Trend Micro Mobile Security”. Go through the details of the App and the device requirements prior to installing it. You can take help of the user’s comments and feedback to know more about the latest version of the App.


How to uninstall?

Before you uninstall the Trend Micro Mobile Security App, disable the device administration. And then uninstall it like the other Apps. All you would need to do is, go to the Settings. Select device and then application manager from the Application option. Find the App and then select it to tap on the uninstall option. Confirm the Uninstallation and it would be uninstalled from your device.