Top reasons why to choose Android over iOS

Android and iOS have always been rival to each other with large market share and providing high-end system technology. From the latest Gartner statistics, Android and iOS acquires a total market share of 99.6 percentage of the mobile technology, out of which majority (87.1 percentage) uses Android and remaining iOS. With better compatibility Android is always winning its user’s heart, also Android provides better customizability because of its open source system nature and much more. Here are the cogent reasons to choose Android over iOS:


  • Varied Choices:

It is always great to have choices in life and Android allows its user to have one. Android is available with the varied specification by manufacturing companies like Samsung, HTC, LC, Motorola and so on. These manufacturing companies are not only producing cellphones but also Tablets with the wide range of pricing whereas iOS availability is limited to Apple products, even pricing is high compared to others.


  • Cost:

Budget is the first constraint to most buyers. For them Android is a definitely better option. A large number of manufacturing companies are producing products with it. There is always better Android model available with the same specification at an affordable price. As Moto G line is winning cell phone line in economical range, but Apple is still launching latest iPhone with almost no difference in the specification for the higher price.


  • Customizability:

Android system is open source model while iOS is closed with its open source model. Android is always flexible with its customize feature. The user can change almost everything on the display whereas Apple provides fewer options to customize. To get the notification in Android there are thousands of widgets to add on Home screen by the user. Some Android manufacturing companies like Samsung and LG also let the user add skin on the top of the operating system.


  • Google Play vs App Store:

Google Play is the prime reason behind the popularity of Android. It has a larger number of apps available than App store. These apps are either free or paid. Pricing of apps in the App Store is significantly more than Google Play apps as Goggle Play allows the developer to put their apps on its store with a little limitation.


  • File System Access:

With the open source nature of Android. It allows access to its files similar to Windows file structure. It makes easy to copy media files from cell phone to computer. Whereas Apple still keeps its file system closed and requires tools like iTunes to take backups.


  • Audio jack Compatibility:

Apple’s latest products iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are with wireless Bluetooth headphones that eliminated standard sized 3.5 mm audio jack. In the audio industries, headphones are still available with a connectivity of 3.5 mm jack irrespective of its quality and range. Android models are still maintaining the same audio jack standard for its compatibility.