What are the top and best free Browsers for Android?

Tecsole Review: As an Android user, everybody likes to access website faster and in secure. You may have already noticed that some of the android browsers work faster than other.  There are plenty of android browsers available in the Google Play store but each browser is somehow different than other. Android performance sometime depends on the browser as I always experience on my android device. I personally use multiple browsers and here are the top rated browsers lists as per Google pay user ratings and from my personal experience.

Firefox Browsers for Android
I am using Firefox browser several years in my desktop computer as well as in my Android device. This browser is very fast, smooth and secure to use. Over 14 million users rated as average 4.4 stars in the Google play and I will rate as 4.5 stars compare to other browser. There are some issues I here form the users after new update but it works fine for me. Only think I perform, clearing browser cache, cookies, history after few weeks.

Chrome Browser
Google Chrome browser is another popular browser for both desktop and mobile users. I personally like Chrome browser for faster web access and voice search. Over 23 million users rated average 4.2 stars in the Google play. I play lot with this browser to search lot of things and it works like magic! I also like the browser is capable to translate website in any language and Incognito mode that does not have browsing history.

Dolphin Browser for Android
Dolphin for Android browser is very popular by the android user with high rated. Over 20 million android users rated 4.6 stars in the Google play. Dolphin browser is easy to access and lets you to personalize your home screen. Dolphin for Android browser claims #1 android browser with over 100 million downloads in the Google play. There are some greatest features like gesture, one-tab share, tabbed browsing and may more available in Dolphin browser for Android.

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