Top Free Android Educational Games For Kids

Tecsole Review: If your kid wants to play with your android phone, you should think wisely. Most kids get addicted by the mobile devices as they want to play games all the time. Sometime you may use your smart phone as a baby sitter! It is always not bad idea to make sometime a smart phone as baby sitter if your kids play and learn. Most of the kid loves to play and learn. There are some really great educational apps in the Google paly and you can download for free. Your kids can learn alphabets, colors, numbers, and may more. Here are some top free educational games for kids as per Tecsole’s review.

Kids ABC Letters Special
Kids ABC Letters SpecialThis game is really good for pre-schooled kids to learn and know alphabet letters, forming, letter recognition and finding etc. Your kid will really enjoy and learn alphabets by cat fishing game and its lot more fun to play. This app is rated 4.2 stars is the play store over 11 thousands android users. Please read more from the Google Play and you will like this game.

Kids Number and Math Free
Kids Number and Math FreeIf you want to teach your pre-schooled kids math, this game will help a lot. Your kids will play and learn numbers, count, addition, subtraction, match and compare numbers. The best thing I like with this game is, when you match two numbers, the light will turn on and kids usually enjoy when they match two numbers. Please read more from the Google Play.

Educational Games for Kids
Educational GamesEducational Games for Kids developed is by Zodinples and it’s free. You can use this game as learning tool for you kids especially elementary kids. This app offers free alphabets, numbers, day of week, sound of letters, colors, animal sounds, puzzle, quiz and many more. The app is very simple and easy to use. You can read more from Google play store.

Math, Count & Numbers for Kids
Math, Count & Numbers for KidsYour kids will love this game because all they will travel with happy animal in the city, sea and beach. Your kids will enjoy and learn while playing this game. The free version offers number memorizing, numbers order, addition subtraction up to 5 numbers. You really can use this app as easy way to learn math for the kids. And off course, you can read more from Google play.

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