Top 5 Tips to keep your mobile device safe and secure

Now a day, a smart phone is becoming 24 hour companion with human life and people cannot live without it. People play with the phone, watch video, listen music, chat with friends, read news, buy things online and even sleep next to a phone. You may always think positive of using a smartphone, but you can get your life into trouble if you are unaware about cyber crime.

According to Norton, every one of three smartphone user experienced several forms of cyber crime. When you exchange information between friends, enter personal information to fill an online form, you can fall into a scam trap. If you use your smartphone carelessly, there is a chance for you to become a scam victim. Scammers are using different methods and tricks for hunting users’ personal information over the web. As a mobile user, you should beware about online fraudulent and cyber crime. Protecting yourself from cybercrime is not costly and here are the 5 easy steps you can consider to follow:


1.  Always use password to access you phone: If you leave your phone open to access, you gave others to access your information when you lost it. It may little pain every time you have to enter password to open your phone, but it’s your security and it will be huge mess if your information is stolen.

2. Try not to share your device with others: You can create a separate user on your computer and can share but you cannot create a separate password to access your smartphone. So, sharing your smartphone means sharing your password and information.

3. Check the website address is secured when you make online purchase: when you make your online payment, you should always look web address as “https://” instead of  “http://”. Website with “https” is secure and your Credit Card information will be protected.

4. Always download secure and trusted apps: There are lots of free scam apps take your permission to access your personal information. Always consider flatulent apps are available and read user feedback and ratings before download them.

5. Always be careful of accessing free Wi-Fi networks: If you are using a free Wi-Fi, it is not hard that someone can track your smartphone. Many third parties collect user data through free Wi-Fi and use those for commercial purpose.


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