Sophos Mobile Security

With the Sophos Mobile Security App, your mobile system gets raised to the highest possible security level. Being the leading provider of the endpoint and network security, it has been noted as one of the best Android Security Apps and has also been awarded for the best protection. It has always had a perfect score for one and a half year of constant tests and comparison. With over 5 million users, it has a feedback of 4.3-stars on Google Play. It takes care of every kind of latest threats, including the ones from the emails and websites as well. It has got a 100% score by AV-Test for all the protection tests and malware detection tests.

The highlight for this App is the up-to-the-minute intelligence where it scans all the apps on demand or during intervals set by the user. Other than that, the device is free to use by everyone and it has a control as well. The features are awesome where you can easily avoid any undesirable software that would cause problems in the device. Moreover, if the device gets stolen or lost, you can shield your personal information with the remote lock and wipe feature. The latest version has been noted as the best now as well.


Sophos Mobile Security Features:

  • The Sophos Mobile Security App has features like the Authenticator, App Protection, Security Advisor, and the privacy advisor.
  • Use the parental control features to observe and control the activity of your child.
  • The app allows you to browse safely and protects you from the malicious websites and against phishing.
  • It allows you to block calls and filter the unwanted content or messages and emails.
  • The Anti-Theft feature permits you to remote-wipe, remote-lock or locate your device when it gets stolen or lost.
  • It helps you save the power of your battery and even helps you to optimize it easily.
  • This App helps you to handle the things that slow down the speed of the device and makes the speed faster.
  • The Sophos Mobile Security App does not cause a lot of traffic as well.


Sophos Mobile Security Pros:

  • Helps to save the power of the device and increases the speed of the device.
  • The Anti-theft feature assists to locate the device, or auto lock or wipe the device when lost or stolen.
  • Has got great parental features along with message filters.
  • It helps you to block the unwanted calls as well as messages.
  • It has works as a Security Advisor, and the privacy advisor too.
  • Detects a bad software before you install it and lose your personal information.


Sophos Mobile Security Cons:

  • The backup option does not work perfectly well for this App.
  • It does not support any kind of encryption.


How to Install?

Go to the Play Store on your device and look for the “Sophos Mobile Security”. Make sure you read all the features and the requirements for installation before doing it. Read the comments and the feedback that has been shared by the users to get a clearer idea about the App.


How to Uninstall?

To uninstall the Sophos Mobile Security App, you would need to disable the Administration on the device. You can easily uninstall it like the other Apps by getting to the Application Manager from the Applications option under the Device Option in the Settings of the device. Find the App and select it to get the uninstall option. Confirm the uninstallation and it would be removed from your device.