Quick Heal Mobile Security for Android- Overview and Review

The Quick Heal Mobile Security is a Chinese Application that has hit the top where it does not only protect the phone from viruses but also from theft situations. It has a 4.5-star feedback on Google Play and has been installed by about 10 million people. The one year license of this app costs about $39.95 and for a three-year license, you need to pay a subscription of $60 only.

This App has a 30-days free trial program that allows you to experience the features that can be used for a longer time after paying for it. The app has a 99% score for the AV-tests for malware and protection. The features in the device are outstanding. It has a call filter that permits anyone to block a person’s number or a number that begins with a certain series. Moreover, it also notifies you when an app is installed and it can affect your privacy.

The Quick Heal Mobile Security also helps you by guiding you to have the best settings for your device. This would eventually enhance your device. Moreover, you can easily manage the device with the Quick Heal Remote Device Management portal. The other great things about this App is that it does not have a negative impact on the device’s battery life and it sure does not slow down the device. Furthermore, it also doesn’t generate a lot of traffic.

Quick Heal Mobile Security Features:

The features are:

  • It has a vulnerability scan that helps you find out the vulnerabilities on the phone.
  • It scans the apps when you install them.
  • The Quick Heal Mobile Security has a fingerprint lock that lets you lock and unlock the device properly.
  • It has a call filter that does not only block a single number but you can add the starting or ending of a series of numbers to be blocked by it.
  • It also has a message filter.
  • The Quick Heal Mobile Security has a Quick Heal RDM that permits you to access a lot of features on the device that cannot be physically accessible.
  • It has a highly effective scan feature for virus and malware that is done even when the app is being installed.
  • It has the anti-theft feature that allows you to lock, locate and wipe.
  • Intruder detection lets the phone take the pictures of a person who tries to unlock the phone.
  • The privacy and security advisor work well to keep all the settings and app right in place.
  • The Quick Heal Mobile Security also allows you to forward a call to a predetermined number with the Remote Device Management portal.
  • It has the Share App feature that permits you to share it with other people.


Quick Heal Mobile Security Pros:

The pros are:

  • The Quick Heal Mobile Security has a two-way personal firewall.
  • It also comes with an optional browser sandbox.


Quick Heal Mobile Security Cons:

The demerits are:

  • The Quick Heal Mobile Security is next to no independent lab results.
  • There were times the scores of the malware detection was low.


How to install?

Go to the Google Play store and look for the App by typing in the name “Quick Heal Mobile Security” in the search space. Select the app and read about the device requirements needed. Then install the App if you are satisfied with the user comments and feedback of the device.


How to uninstall?

To uninstall the Quick Heal Mobile Security App, just get to the settings of the phone and then go to the option device. There you would find a folder named Applications and in it the Application Manager. When you get there, find the app and select the uninstall option. Confirm the command and have it removed from the device. Just make sure you have disabled the device administration before you do all this to get it uninstalled.