How to test your Internet speed on Android device?

Tecsole Review: If you are in doubt that your android device is not performing well as it supposed to be, you can check several things. Internet speed test is the first thing you can test using any of the following apps. It is really hard to blame your Internet service provider unless you figure out how much download and upload speed you are currently receiving. There are lots if users’ blame their android devices are slow instead of test the internet speed. Here are the most uses with high recommended speed test apps in the Google play you can download.

Ookla Speedtest
Ookla Speedtest is top rated android speed test apps and over 462 thousands users rated as 4.4 stars. This app tests any connection less than 30 seconds and mostly accurate. You can test download and upload speed in real-time graphics view. You can also track and share your past test results. Please go to the Google play store and search for Ookla Speedtest for details.

Internet Speed Test app by
Internet Speed Test app provided by is another advanced and powerful app that calculates Internet connection on android. It calculates all types of connection like WiFi, 2G/3G network. It measures download, upload and data latency time in both kbps and mbps. This test tool saves your test results and can share in the social network like Face book, Google+, Twitter, etc. Please search in the Google play and read details about this app.

Internet Speed Test 3G,4G,Wifi
This Speed Check app is an easy internet speed checking tool, which calculate connection speed on WiFi, 3G, 4G more accurately. Over 81 thousands android users rated this app as 4.2 in the Google play. Using this too, you can test download and upload speed just in one click. You also can save all the speed test history on you device. Please go to the Google play store search for “Speed Checker” for more details.

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