How to Start Online Data Entry Job with no Experience?

Online Data Entry professions are on demand now a days due to people can work remotely from home and employers do not need to hire permanent position within their organisation.   If you want to start working on online data entry job from home or from a remote location, it is very easy and simple to start with. You can make $5-$12/hour based on your expertise but some people are making more than that. You can find lots of data entry jobs online but be careful about when you apply. There are lots of scam websites offer works from home as a Data entry professional, but all they collect users’ information for online marketing or ask for money. Never ever pay any penny for applying any jobs online. Just find and apply for free Data Entry Work at Home.

The best way to look real data entry jobs at freelancer websites like upwork, guru, freelancer etc. All you have to do, create a free account, search for Data entry jobs and apply. It’s very straight forward, trusted and millions of freelancers are working with them.


How to Find a Data Entry job?
I assume that, you already have an account with any of the freelancer websites. If you do not have any account, please read the following post and create a free account.

Upwork Jobs For The New Freelancer – How To Start?

Step 1: Login into your freelancer account (ex: login into

Step 2: On the Job Search box, type “Data Entry” and click on Search

Step 3: Check through all Data entry jobs and select one or more if you feel comfortable to perform or match with your skill.

Step 4: Read details job description, budget, delivery time and click on “Submit A Proposal”

Step 5: Enter your Bid and I suggest you to bid low amount which is less than the job posting budget if you are a new. In this case, you consider to get a job first rather than making more money.

Step 5: Select Estimated duration based on requirement or select “Less than one Week” if you can do it. Answer all questions and attached your sample work (if you have any).

Step 6: Click on “Submit a Proposal” when you are done with your application.


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  6. Francis
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  9. Elace Lum
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  33. BAHAMO

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