How to Improving your Smartphone Battery Life and last longer

Are you constantly frustrated seeing your smartphone’s battery drain like crazy? Does it go from 95% to 75% in an hour? Well, a lot of people face this problem. In this Blog, we will tell you a few methods, using which you can extend your smartphone’s battery life.

1. Use Auto-Brightness Mode
Around 45 – 60% of your battery is consumed by your smartphone’s display. Now, that’s a lot! If you keep using your phone at full display brightness, the battery won’t last 8 hours. To ensure that the battery lasts the entire day, you should use the automatic brightness option. It will adjust the display brightness depending on the ambient lighting.

2. Turn off Wi-Fi and Cellular Data
In today world, everyone wants to be connected to their social media accounts 24 X 7. But, if you keep your Wi-Fi or Cellular Data (4G/3G) all the time, it will drain your battery like crazy. So, only turn on the internet connection when it is required.

3. Set a Screen timeout duration
Many times, we forget to turn off the mobile screen after use. As mentioned before, the display consumes power like anything. So, set a Screen timeout duration of like 30 sec. So, if your phone is idle for that period of time, the display will automatically be turned off. This will save a lot of battery.

4. Turn off Bluetooth
Just like Wi-Fi and Cellular data, Bluetooth also consumes a significant amount of power. Many times, we forget to turn off the Bluetooth receiver and it continues to scan for all nearby devices, thus draining your battery. So, switch it off when not in use.

5. Avoid using GPS all the time
Many applications require you to grant them permission to access your location. Constantly using your GPS hurt your battery a lot. So, turn off your GPS whenever you are not using it. Also, go to settings and revoke the app’s access to location services unless that particular app is important.

6. Stop all Background Apps
Most people are used to multitasking. But most of the times, they forget to close the apps once they are used. When these apps are running in the background, they consume certain amount of power, thus draining the battery faster. So, whenever you are finished using an application, please close it.

7. Power Saver Mode
The Power Saver mode is designed to restrict as many background processes as possible in order to significantly reduce your battery drainage. So, whenever your phone’s charge goes below 25 – 30%, turn on the Power Saver mode.

8. Avoid Overcharging
Overcharging can damage your phones battery life over a long period of time. If you constantly keep your phone plugged in, even though it is fully charged, it will damage the battery. So, avoid keeping your phone plugged in the entire night. It only takes 1-2 hour to charge the battery.

If you still need more battery backup, you may buy an external power bank.