How to Improve your Laptop Battery Life and last longer?

Laptop is one of the most essential tools for students and professional. Being a portable device, Battery life is always a cause of concern. You definitely don’t want to end up with a near dead laptop battery in the middle of a lecture, seminar, or presentation. Here are some ways in which you can improve your Laptop battery performance.
Short Term Solutions:

1. Reduce Screen Brightness:
The laptop screen consumes around 45 – 50% of the power. So, if you need to increase the battery backup, you should reduce your screen brightness to around 60 – 75%, as per your comfort level. This should increase the battery backup by as much as 30%.

2. Power Saver Mode:
The Power saving mode or Eco mode in our laptop is designed to reduce the power consumed by your laptop. Turn it on whenever you are low on battery (around 20 – 25%). It will make your battery last a few more minutes.

3. Reduce Laptop temperature:
If your laptop heat up, it will reduce the battery backup. To prevent overheating, do not place your laptop on a soft surface, like bed or cushion. Always place your laptop on a hard surface. Ensure that the laptop air vents are not blocked. It required, you may use a cooling pad.

4. Kill Background apps:
Open your Task manager and see what processes are running. Try to kill as many unnecessary background applications as possible, like uTorrent client, Skype client, etc. This will reduce the power consumed by your laptop by 10 – 20%. Do not, by mistake, kill any system process.

5. Manage Wireless connections:
Always make sure to disconnect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth whenever they are not in use. These wireless signal adaptors consume a significant amount of power. You should disable the Wi-Fi adapter and switch to an Ethernet connection when possible.

6. Disconnect Peripherals:
All the USB devices connected to your laptop, like pen drive, External hard disk, Webcam, draw power constantly. So disconnect them whenever you are not using them. You should also remove any DVD or CD in you DVD drive, as it constantly consumes power.
Long Term Solutions

1. Discharge – Recharge Cycle
To keep your Laptop battery healthy, you need to do a Discharge – Recharge cycle once a month. Drain your laptop battery completely to 0% (Nickel battery) or 3-5% (Lithium Ion Battery), and then again recharge the battery to 100%. This is useful for calibrating the battery performance.

2. Spare Battery
No matter what you do, there is always an upper limit in case of battery backup. If you still need more backup, you can buy a spare laptop battery. Make sure you buy the battery from a reputed source.

3. Overcharging
Never leave you laptop plugged in for long periods while the battery is fully charged. You can lose up to 20% battery performance every year by overcharging. Always disconnect the power supply when fully charged. Plug in the charger when your battery is down to 20 – 30%.

4. Upgrade to an SSD
SSDs or Solid State Drives, are an upgraded version of traditional hard disk, which has no moving parts. This it consumes much less power than a mechanical hard disk.