How to Download and Install Panda Antivirus 2020 for Free

Tecsole Review(September): Panda Free antivirus is one of the popular free antivirus software with high security scores and real-time protection. Panda maintains rank #3 in Antivirus software at CNET Download center and downloaded more than 5 million users. Panda established the first free cloud antivirus with lightweight and scans mostly faster. I used Panda antivirus in my Laptop and found very effective and easy to use. Panda provides fasted protection and process monitor to display the connection of each process.

Main Features:
The new version of Panda Free antivirus provides four main features with newly looked User interface.

  • Scan: You can perform a Full Scan, Critical area and Custom scan by your choice
  • Process Monitor: Shows Process executed, Accessing the Internet, threat level and Blocked. You can also View Full report and clear last scan
  • USB Vaccine: This option will automatically vaccinate every USB drive you use in your PC
  • Rescue Kit: You can create a rescue USB drive that will help to boot your computer if infected.

Panda User ratings/Feedback as per CNET download center:

  • Average User Ratings: 4 star
  • CNET Editors’ Rating: Outstanding
  • Total Downloads: Over 8 million
  • Operating Systems: Windows

You can get up to date CNET information regarding Panda Free Antivirus from the following link:

Panda-Free- Antivirus

How to Download and Install?
You have to Download Panda free antivirus from CNET although Panda website shows the download option. The Panda website will take you to the CNET download center and you have to save an exe file on your computer. Please just follow the following steps and it is very easy to do it by yourself.

  1. Go to Panda free antivirus website and click ( and click on Panda Free Antivirus Download free
  2. Click on FREE DOWNLOAD and it will take you to the CNET download Center.
  3. Click on Download Now and wait of for the Save As Window.
  4. Save the PANDAFREEAV exe on the desktop.
  5. Double click on the PANDAFREEAV exe from the Desktop
  6. Click on the Accept and Install
  7. Select Language, Select/Unselect Security Toolbar, Yahoo search provider, MyStart home page by you choice. Click on the Accept and Install
  8. Click on the Basic protection and wait until Install is completed
  9. Click on the Finish button or Open now to open Panda Antivirus interface
  10. If you click on the Open Now, it will take little time to check everything is working properly.
  11. You need to enter an email to Activate Panda Free Antivirus account


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