How to create a Recovery Drive for Windows 8 or 8.1

As a windows user, you always want your computer to be working properly without any issue. When you buy a new computer with Windows 8/8.1 OS, you should really create a Recovery drive that will help you to fix your PC if something goes wrong. This is more helpful when your computer got affected by awful viruses that you cannot remove or accidentally you deleted some files that help on running Windows on you computer. You can use this Recovery drive even if your computer is not run.

Creating a Recovery drive is very easy and all you need a 1GB USB flash drive.  Windows will save all recovery files including boot files on the USB drive so that the computer can boot from the USB drive. Here are few simple steps I performed to create by Recovery Drive.

1.  Hold Windows key and press F to get the Search option or move the mouse pointer at the bottom right corner and click on Search.

2.  Click on Settings and type “recovery” on the search box. You should see Recovery option as shown on the picture. Click on the Recovery.



3.  Click on the Create a recovery drive from the Advanced recovery tools window.



4. Unchecked “Copy the recovery partition from the PC to the recovery drive” and click Next.

5. Insert a minimum 1GB USB Flash drive. The system should detect your USB drive as the following picture. Click on the Next.



6. Please make sure you have saved all the necessary files from this USB file before create it as Recovery drive since everything on the drive will be deleted. Click on Create.

7. Recovery drive will start creating as the following picture. After successfully created your recovery Drive you will get the message “The recovery drive is ready”.



8. Click finish and keep the USB drive in safe place.


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