How to apply for a job at upwork online work from home jobs

Apply for a job at Upwork is quite easy. Thousands of employers are posting jobs every day and applying for a job means, you have to compete with hundreds of applicants. This does not mean that it’s very hard to be getting hired since everybody start with this process. Your first goal should be just start with any first job and complete it successfully. Employers are very kind on leaving good feedback and even they rehire most of the time.  Let me walk you through how to apply for a job.

You may already have an account with for applying for a job. Please read the following post to create an account if you do not have an account.

Upwork Jobs For The New Freelancer – How To Start?


How to Apply?

Step 1: Login to you Upwork account and search for job. For example, you can search like “Data Entry” and click on the Search button.  All Data entry related jobs are displayed and you can choose one or more from the list.

Step 2: Read the job details and all job requirement. If you feel you can do this job, click on “Submit A Proposal” button.

Step 3: Enter your Bid and I consider putting a low amount which is less than the job posting budget. In this case, your target is to get the job first and show your work. All freelancers start with low bidding first.

 Step 4: Select Estimated duration as job requirement or select “Less than one Week” if you can do it. Answer all questions and attached your sample work (if you have any or make one if you can). Sample work is better to prove your eligibility if you do not have any work history at Upwork.  Click on Submit a Proposal button if you are done and your job will be submitted.


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