How your Online Payment allows your Credit Card to be hacked or compromised?

In this era of Digital Economy, online payments is one of the most popular and upcoming method of monetary transaction. Even though, it comes with a host of advantages, there are certain cons associated with using credit cards for online payment. Hackers have developed ways around the various security protocols established by the credit card companies, like VISA. With a decent laptop and an internet connection, hackers can easily steal your credit card information.

In this blog, we are going to highlight 5 major ways in which you are compromising your credit card information while using online payments.

1. Using unsecured Public Wi-Fi
A lot of time, when you are outside your house or workplace, you might end up being connected to a public Wi-Fi. While the services are free, there are many security issues. You can be a victim of a “Man in the Middle Attack”, using which, a hacker can spy on your internet communications. If you end up doing any online transaction while under such an attack, your credentials are going to be compromised.
If at all, you need to connect to a public Wi-Fi, for some free downloads, do not attempt any online transactions.

2. Not using proper Anti-virus and Anti-malware
If your computer is infected with a spyware, Trojan or any other virus and malware, then you are in big trouble. These malicious software allow a hacker to remotely access your computer and steal all your communications. So, if you use your credit card for an online payment while your computer is infected, then your credentials are no longer safe.
To keep your computer virus and malware free, you can use AVG  Anti-virus.

3. Falling victim to phishing
Phishing attacks, through email and social media are becoming more and more common. In phishing, a hacker creates an exact replica of the normal web page (say, an online portal, or a log in page to an account). When a victim falls prey to such a phished website, the hacker steal his log in details, card details, etc.
So, next time when you are opening any link sent to you, be sure to be safe.

4. Revealing Card Number to strangers
This is probably the dumbest way in which you can compromise your credit card details. No bank officials or even the police will ever ask you for your credit card details. Once a hacker gets a hold of your credit card number, he / she can use it for financial transactions.
If you ever receive a call asking for your credit card details, make sure to alert the authorities.

5. Payment through an unsecured portal
Whenever you are making any payments using an online portal, make sure the portal is secure. There should be a green colored lock just before the start of the website URL to indicate that it is safe (encrypted). If you end up making a payment using an unsafe portal, your card details will be compromised.

Online payment may be one of the best ways for financial transaction, but unless you are careful, you may end up losing a lot of money.