Why should you use AVG Free Antivirus for Mac and keep protected

Tecsole Review: Mac computer is not safe from the virus and malware inventor now a days. You should keep your mac safe and secure as you care about windows computer. If you have Mac computer and do not have any antivirus install, you can download AVG Free for Mac. By using AVG for Mac, you can save your computer from virus and malware attack and keep secure and safe your personal data.

AVG for MacAVG offers powerful protection against real-time viruses and spyware attracts for Mac. When you install AVG Free on you Mac, it will give two options; File Scanner and Real time Protection. You can scan your files by just drag and drop on the File Scanner window and click on Scan Mac. You file will scan very quickly and detects if there is any virus found. This way you can check any attached you received in your email or scan for viruses before send it to any friend. The Real time Protection will protect any upcoming spyware or virus threat if you turned it on.

There are really some great features you get from AVG for Mac;
• AVG link scanner- warns against any suspicious online activity and keeps Mac computer secured.
• Online browser protection- protects against malware and viruses that can infects you Mac computer.
• Easy to install and installation does not take lot of spaces.
• Keeps the software up to date and protect all newly invented viruses or malware.
• Does not slowdown the computer performance while scans

AGV for Mac offers both download options. Download the program in your computer to install from the web or you can copy the whole software to install locally.