Direct Your children for safety from Digital freedom

In the world of latest portable digital devices and cell phones, all are connected through invisible connections. With the increase in the usage and addiction towards technology, these connections have increased to a big number and it can be seen from the statistics by Statista.  Children’s mentality and emotions are no longer same as it was a decade ago. You can easily understand it by observing children around. Because of this, parents need to be more concern about their children’s safety and internet education in the open digital world. As the world is changing, guiding children about using technology and gadgets, has also added in the parental responsibilities.

There are many things parents can do, to guide their children for safety and using technologies for their betterment.

Educating for digital life:

With the belief, “Educating for Wisdom”. It is always better to educate children about their roles and responsibilities towards digital independence. They should be aware of their visibility to strangers in social media as well as connections with their loved ones. All social media platform offers privacy control but often used less. Being a parent, privacy control can be taught to children for safety. It surely helps them to be wise and enjoy their digital independence.

Becoming a role model for your child:

Parents are the first Guru for every child, so he or she always follow their parents first and then people around. It would be wise to let them understand the importance of face-to-face communication. For that, interacting with child face-to-face is better than liking their profile picture on social media. Parents should get rid of unwantedly using cell phones and social media.

Using parental control tools:

There are various free and paid parental control tools available. Parents must use it for many reasons like restricting monthly or weekly internet usage. When it comes to social media, cyberbullying is one of the growing issues. “Intel Security” data reveals, 60 % of children are affected are affected by this. Some parental control tools also provide protection from cyberbullying. The Internet is full of unwanted websites, that parents don’t want their child to visit. These tools also help them in restraining unwanted websites visits.

Here is the list of free parental control tools that parents can use:

  • Kidlogger
  • K9 Web Protection
  • SocialSheild
  • Norton Family Suite
  • Quostdio

Monitoring their online activities:

It is important to monitoring child activities online as well as maintaining their trust. They should not feel repressed when parents monitor their online presence. To serve this purpose, it is essential to use the right tool. Nat Nanny is the best tool for monitoring child activities as per PCMag reviews for 2018.

The importance of guidance to children for digital independence is significant. The digital world is full of information, both positive and negative. It is parent’s responsibility to help them in understanding and grabbing positive. With the same, children can enjoy their digital life by using it moderately and properly under correct guidance.