Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android- Overview and Review

The Bitdefender Mobile Security is a great anti-virus app that is available on all the mobile stores and even on the Google Play store. It has fees of $14.95 for an annual subscription. And if it is not feasible for you, you can also pay $1.49 per month. This is not just it! It also gives you a 14-day trial period. And after it has been completed, you would no more have the protection of the web, app lock features, the app advisor, and the anti-theft protection with you.

It is also known as the best Android App Security product that gives you protection against the data snoopers and the internet threats. Also, note that the Bitdefender Mobile Security has stand-alone apps for anti-virus that comes for free as well. It has features like the malware scanner, privacy adviser, web security, anti-theft, app lock and the WearON features. They make the app the best one and has an all in one function where you would not need to download a different app for different purposes.

In the AV-Test, it scored a 100% in the protection as well as for the detection of the malware. The app is known to save the battery and help it to last longer. Moreover, it also doesn’t slow down the device at all and does not generate a lot of traffic as well. On Google Play store, this app has a total feedback of 4.5 stars.

Bitdefender Mobile Security Features:

The features are:

  • It has a malware scanner with a 100% detection rate.
  • There is a privacy advisor to let you know about the apps that might leak your information.
  • It has a web security that protects your device when you use the Internet in the browser.
  • It has the Anti-theft feature that allows you to lock, track and wipe your phone when it gets stolen.
  • There is an App lock feature that uses a PIN to lock the sensitive apps.
  • The WearON feature allows you to even have security to your watch.


Bitdefender Mobile Security Pros: 

The pros of the application are:

  • This app is highly affordable and has been confirmed as one of the best ones.
  • It has a scanning speed that is lightning fast.
  • The SIM alerts and robust anti-theft features make this app stand out of the crowd.
  • The Bitdefender Mobile Security has an outstanding UI design and a remote antivirus scan feature.


Bitdefender Mobile Security Cons:

The demerits of the app are:

  • It does not have the remote camera or the call blocking feature in it.
  • The malware scan can be done only when the device is connected to the internet.


How to install it?

When you get to the Google Play store, search for the Bitdefender Mobile Security. Select the app and read the details to be sure about what you are about to download. Moreover, take a note of the requirements before you install the app on the device. The feedback and the user comments would give you a clearer insight of the App.


How to uninstall it?

Now, if you are about to uninstall this Bitdefender Mobile Security App, you need to disable the device administration. Move to the Settings and then search for application manager in the Application folder. Select the App and then select the uninstall option. Confirm the process and it would be removed from the device.