Do I need antivirus for Mac and how to get it for free?

Tecsole Review: As the popularity has increased of using Apples computer to the customers, Mac user and their machines are no longer secure than Windows computers. Malware and Virus investors are targeting Apple computers as Mac users have obsolete wrong sense of security. There are so many Mac computers are infecting with viruses and malware in recent time. So, Mac users now should beware about malware and virus attack and protect their computer and sensitive information from the hacker. Antivirus companies are now providing antivirus protection for the Mac user and you can buy or get it a free version.

There are few Free Mac Antivirus security software available in the market. I have listed here the most popular Free Antivirus for Mac based on the user experience and market research. Please go and read every feature, risk, system requirements of any Free Antivirus before you install.

Free Antivirus for Mac

Sophos Antivirus for Mac
Sophos antivirus is very popular Antivirus software for Apple computers. It gives full protection from Trojans, worms and viruses. It is capable to blocks any web malware attack for Mac and protect online threats. This antivirus supports Mac OS X10.6 or latter version and completely Free. There are some additional more features available on Sophos antivirus for Mac and you can get from their website:

Avast Free Mac Security
Avast is well known and very popular antivirus software for windows computer. Besides that, Avast Mac Security is #1 download antivirus program in CNET download center for Mac computer. It offers on-demand virus scan, strong antivirus protection with low impact on computer performance. It’s Web and Mail defense checks incoming data from the internet and File defense checks all data stored in hard drive. Please read more from Avast website:

AVG Antivirus for Mac
AVG is another well-known popular Free antivirus software for Windows computer. AVG now offers Virus and Spyware protection for Mac and becoming popular Antivirus program to Apple users. AVG’s real-time security engine scans, detects and removes viruses and spyware form Mac computers. The main feature of AVG AntiVirus for Mac is automatic update software and gets the latest, up-to-date virus protection. Please read more from AVG website:


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