Avast Free Antivirus for Android – Overview and Review

Tecsole Review: Over the last few years, android users have increased dramatically around the world and the android security issue also becomes more vital point to the android users. Tech users are more concern about the computer security than the mobile, but the cyber criminals are targeting android users most because most of the android users are careless or do not even think about mobile virus or malware is a threat. There are lots of free antivirus apps available in the Play store but few of them are popular. Avast mobile security and free antivirus is one of the best antivirus security software for both computer and mobile device.

Avast is #1 and very popular free antivirus software for the desktop computer maintained for several years in a row. Avast mobile security also became very popular for the android users and more than 2 million users have recommended Avast free mobile security in the Google Play store. Avast provides both antivirus and anti-theft protection with high user satisfaction rate 4.4 stars out of 5 in the Play store. Avast free antivirus protects against malware, viruses, Trajans, spyware and keep android device safe from the hackers.

Key features of Avast free antivirus

Virus Scanner
Run virus scanner for scanning all downloaded apps in your device. It takes only few minutes if you have lots of apps in your device. Mine just took less than a minute. You can also set automatic scan for apps and files with repeated options for every day or days of your choice.

You can install Anti-Theft protection in the same avast antivirus program. If your device get lost or stolen, you can remotely lock or erase all sensitive data you have store in your android device.

Mobile Backup
This is another great option you can download for backing up all data like; music, videos, photos of you android device in cloud based server. If you lost your phone or incase your phone damages by an accident, you can easily restore all your data.

App Locking
This is another feature Avast provides, which I like most. You can individually lock an app or all apps you want to lock from unauthorized access. You have to setup use a PIN number to access the app you locked. Just setup an Avast account or use your phone number for recovering you PIN, incase you forget.Avast Free Antivirus for Android

Privacy Advisor
This option is for Avast Mobile Premium, which stops you device being resentful from ads or destructive messages.

App Management
App management will show all application lists or all running applications list on your device. For the running app, you can monitor how much system resources are using by the app when you last use this app. You can forcedly close this app if no longer need for running.

SMS and Call Filter
You can create a group and add member to that group. You can block any incoming or outgoing call or SMS for that group. In this way, you can avoid scam SMS or calls from unwanted callers. You can also set time and day for this block.

Firewall blocks hackers from getting access of your device. Some apps you download in your device can created by the hackers and they want to access your personal data. You can blocks those hackers by using Firewall.

Network Meter
You can measure all incoming and outgoing data for each app individually. This network meter shows for 3G/4G, WiFi, Roaming separately and for all.Avast Free Antivirus App for Android

What I reluctantly like or I dislike?
There is one concern I have as user on Anti-theft protection. I have to install separately from Play store and I have to use my friend’s phone number for SMS notification. Instead, I would like to use my email address since I do not want to use somebody else’s phone number.

Overall, I like this free antivirus app and satisfy with its protection against viruses, malware, spyware and unnecessary phishing. Avast is well known and best free antivirus software for desktop computer. You can read some really great comments from the thousands of users on the Google Play. If you are not using any antivirus security in you device, just try Avast free antivirus security app, and I believe you will like it.


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