6 simple Steps will Keep your Email account safe and secure

In today’s world, every second person in the world has an email account; many having multiple email accounts. Nearly all of the official communications are carried out using email. So, ensuring the safety of your email account, is of the utmost importance. Let’s see some of the ways, by which you can safeguard your email account.

  1. Create a strong password

Password is the most important line of defense, preventing others from accessing your account. So, creating a strong password is a must. Your password should be ideally 12-16 characters, with a combination of upper case, lower case, number and symbols. Although it is recommended that you should not use the same password in multiple accounts, you can do it, if your password is strong enough.

  1. Avoid getting phished

Phishing is a method in which a hacker steals your credentials when you log in through a fake web page. The best way to prevent this, is being cautious whenever you enter your username and password. You can also check “FraudWatch International” and “Millersmiles” to keep track on the Phishing scams that are currently being reported.

  1. Stay clear of Public Wi-Fi

While using an unencrypted public Wi-Fi, you can easily become the victim of a “Man in the Middle” attack. So, such free Wi-Fi s are best avoided. However, if you regularly use such a public Wi-Fi, then it is best if you install a strong Anti-virus software, like AVG to safeguard again such attacks.

  1. Use a 2 Factor Authentication Mode

A 2 Factor Authentication Mode is basically a two layered protection, used mainly for corporate accounts holding sensitive information. Nowadays, many of the email servers have this option.

In this mode, your account required 2 keys for logging in. One of them is your password. Another could be a verification code sent to an alternate email id, or via text to you registered phone. This significantly reduces the chance of your account being hacked.

  1. Check for Malware

Malware, like Key loggers, Trojans or RATs, can compromise your computer. Using them, any hacker can get a hold of your passwords, no matter how strong they are. For this reason, it is recommended that you use AVG antivirus software to safeguard your computer against such threats.

  1. Other safety measures

There are a few other safety measures you can take to secure your email account:

  • Regularly update your system, browser and antivirus software.
  • Avoid using any shared or public computers for logging in to your email account.
  • Avoid clicking on links sent through emails, unless you are certain of their authenticity.
  • Regularly update yourself about newer threats using internet forums.
  • Monitor logged on locations, if provided by your server.
  • Change your password whenever your computer is attacked by any virus.
  • Use a good email client like Gmail, Outlook, etc.

By following all these tips, you will be able to secure your email account.