5 simple steps to Protect your social media account

Social media has become another world where people are connected with their loved ones. Sharing information on the same are not just limited to likes and dislikes but people have the choice to put personal information including their contact number and address. As the people are sharing their information on social media, the amount of risk increases from the cyber-security viewpoint. There is always one intelligent mind at the other corner of the world, who is ready to breach your information. Even top giants like Facebook gives top priority to user’s security and data security.

It is a smart decision to share information on social media from a cyber-secure viewpoint to avoid risks. There are some simple but very effective ways to protect your social media account from security breach:

Use strong password and update it regularly

Do you think your password is secure enough? Certainly, you need to think twice and test it on passwordmeter for its strength. There are many incidences of taking over a handle of social media accounts just by cracking the password. Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s social media account have also been hacked many a time in the past. Once it was because of his weak password.

There are many brute force systems, available online, that can be used to hack your account. To reduce its possibilities, you must use the password with at least 8 characters long containing at least one numeric, one special character, one block letter and one small letter. Updating password once in every 3 months is also suggested by experts.

Some platforms also provide two-step authentications which improves the level of security for your social media account.

Use privacy control settings:

All social media account have its privacy controls setting options. You can adjust it for your safety. It provides settings like who can see your profile, who will see your profile updates and with whom you want to share your picture and videos. These simple things provide impactful cyber securities.

Don’t click on suspicious links:

With the increase in the usage of social media accounts all over the world. Spams have also increased. These are fake posts with a tempting graphic that require just one click on the link and It fetches all your information. Sometimes it sends inappropriate messages to your connections and creates a really embarrassing situation in front of your loved ones and friends.

Don’t keep sensitive information:

With the belief, “Prevention is better than the cure”. It is advisable not to keep sensitive information in your social media accounts like contact numbers and address. It can be used against you by some stranger with bad intent.

Minimal use of third-party app:  

Social media avails the facility to use the third-party app that creates scheduled posts by fetching profile data. But from a security point of view, it is never reliable. There is certainly a risk of security breach. You must use apps which are authorized by social media platform only.