5 best free Parental control software for free download

In the era of a fast pace and easy access to information through the internet and social media, users have less control over internet content. Many statistics have been inferring towards the adverse effect of displaying objectionable content to children. Without parental consent, their children are accessing this information. Considering the current scenario, child-friendly information access for children with restricted content has been their parent’s responsibility. There are many free parental control software which allow them to monitor and control web activities of their children. Here is the list of top 5 free parental control software.

  1. Kidlogger:

Kidlogger is free parental control application available for all devices including Macs, Windows, Android, and iOS. It monitors all activities of children on the device. Its monitoring capability includes constrained timely usage of applications including social media and sharing of media files. It is more of a surveillance software than controlling. The users rating is 3.5 out of 5 on CNET.

Download Link: Kidlogger

  1. K9 Web Protection:

K9 Web Protection is not only a parental control software but also a device protection system. Its parental control software is free and protecting children from exposing to adult contents on the open internet. Its compatibility with Windows and Mac machine with enhanced protection makes it trustworthy for Users. With the free software package, it blocks objectionable websites, allows safe search and time-based restriction. Its functionalities include real-time monitoring as well as controlling of web activities.

Download Link: K9 Web Protection

  1. SocialSheild:

The name of the software itself suggests its functionalities. When parents are specifically concerned about the cyberbullying and other unwanted content access on social media then, this software is perfectly fit for their requirement. It gives 360-degree monitoring of children’s social networking activities from Google+, Facebook, Twitter and other social media. The software also intimate parents in the case cyberbullying with the promising support which is an impressive feature. SocialSheild was later acquired by Avira in the year 2012.

Download Link: SocialSheild

  1. Norton Family Suite:

It is one of the award-winning parental control software by Norton, providing security and safety to children by prior detection of danger from the web. The suite has features of both controlling and monitoring. With an additional option of Time Supervision, it creates healthy habits for using the Internet by children. With the premier version of Norton Family, the user gets web supervision, video monitoring, parental mobile app, Search supervision and many other safety features.

Download Link: Norton Family

  1. Quostdio:

This is one of the popular internet’s free parental control application which emphasize more on controlling the information. Its control features are based on three major pillars, namely Understand, Manage and Control. This software displays child activities on dashboard to make their parent understand. Its Managing and Controlling feature enables highly protective filter for harmful content and creates an easy and healthy environment to manage it. There are various notable functionalities available with the suite like pornography blocking, monitoring social media activities, time restriction, Location tracking and Panic button. To view more details, you can visit here.

Download Link: Quostdio