4 Risks of using Social Media at Work that might important to know

In today’s world, who doesn’t use social media? With 1.89 billion active accounts in Facebook, 317 million active accounts in Twitter, social media has become the hub of digital communication. While using social media in our daily lives is a good thing (within limits of course), is it safe using them at your work place? Will using Facebook or Twitter at your office cause any intentional or unintentional harm to your company? Let us look at some of the major risks associated:

1. Security Issues:

One of the best ways to hack into a company’s secured network, is through one, unsecure port or workstation using a malware. Next time when you click on that juicy, clickbait link on Facebook, or download that awesome picture “someone” just sent you through Messenger, you might end up downloading a malware into your system.

To avoid such incidents from happening, it is always best to avoid using social media, even your personal email accounts, in your office desktop. If you need to access your FB or Twitter account, do so from your mobile phone, or personal laptop.

2. Privacy Violations:

A lot of the work going on in a company may be confidential, trade secrets. In addition, employees are not always aware of “what” can be shared, or “what” should not be. Since many people have a tendency to post updates regularly, they might end up leaking a company secret by mistake, just to garner a few like on their post.

Every Company should have some kind of a “Social Media Etiquettes and Guidelines” policy that must be signed by all the employees, so that they are aware of the limitations on what they can post and what they cannot.

Whenever an employee makes a public post on a social media platform, your company will be held legally liable for that post. So, it is always advisable to have a PR tem review all content meticulously before they are posted. Better safe than sorry, right?

3. Damage to Reputation

This is something that has haunted a large number of companies till date. What seems like a harmless, quirky tweet by the social media team, or any employee, might escalate into a full-blown “I am offended by it” war.

There are all kinds of people on the internet; some of them have the tendency to get offended by literally everything. A company might suddenly find itself being attacked by thousands of people on twitter, over a tweet that might been a harmless joke. Needless to say, it will do a great deal of harm to your Company’s reputation.

So, it is always better to triple check every post before putting them up. Prevention is always better than the cure

4. Revenge by Sacked Employees

The last thing you want is having an employee, recently fired, posting abusive and vindictive tweets about your company. This can do irreparable damage to your company’s reputation. So, you should always make sure to limit the access of the company’s account to avoid such incidents from happening.