How to Download 360 Antivirus for Android

Tecsole Review: As we love our android device, we should also protect it from malware attack and save our personal information. Lots of malware inventors are targeting android device now a day and they offer nice looking free apps to get access our device and steal information. We should be very careful about installing free apps and a security software really helps on identifying those malware apps.

360 Security app is a free and very popular to the android users. Over 640 million users are using 360 security app as per Google Play. It has high user satisfaction rate as 4.5 out of 5 stars rated by over 5 million users in the Play store. Last few months, I have been using 360 security apps on my android device and I really like this app. It has real time protection which scans installed apps in real time. The app UI is very user friendly and easy to understand and use.

360 Security main interface has 3 sections

  • Boost– Scans and find for malware. It also shows if there is any risk and repairs. Memory booster is very useful to free up memory and apps run faster.
  • Clean– Display Phone storage, Internal and External SD. After scanned, it shows how much junk files can be cleaned and shows in a list.
  • Antivirus– Shows phone status as secure or no secure. After scanned, it shows how many apps are scanned and virus lists. You can remove if there is any virus found.


360 Menu

  • Find My Phone– You can find your android device by using your Google account
  • App Manager– Shows internal storage percentages as occupied by System, Apps and how much is free. You can move apps from internal storage to SD card by using this oprion.
  • Privacy – App lock, privacy lock, lock settings options to protect sensitive content, important documents, changing device settings etc.
  • Call & SMS filter– Add to block list from unwanted calls and SMS
  • Data Monitor– Monitors how much data are being used and you can set limit to avoid overcharge
  • Settings– Enable and disables lots of options like notification, clean up reminder, language setup etc.


There are few false alerts I found as my device is in risk. Boost option scanned my phone and displayed few SMS as risk but those were unrealistic. I also learned some users have issues with App lock but it did not happen to me.

Overall, 360 security is very user friendly app and keeping my android device healthy and secure all the time. 360 Booster optimizes my phone and I never feel my device is slow. If you do not have any security app installed, just try 360 security free antivirus app and you will like it.


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